Liquid Masterbatch

Liquid Color or Liquid Color Concentrate describes to a system consisting of a liquid binder (carrier), dyes or pigments and other additives such as process additives, stabilisers or similar. The liquid colors are mixed into the plastic (raw polymer or recyclat) for coloring or changing the properties.

In general, there are three groups of liquid colors.

  • Liquid colors, which are used to color plastic products.
  • Liquid additive concentrates that provide specific properties in the end products, such as UV stabilization, flame retardancy, antidtatic or anti-blocking.
  • Combination liquid colors that contain both colorants and additives.
Advantages of Liquid Master Batch
  • High Pigment Concenteration and Dispersion enabling extremly Low dosage of Master Batch.
  • High Transparency
  • Uniform Color of Final Product.
  • Universal Application among most polymers and process.