POLYCO Masterbatches:

Solid Granules of dispersed pigments and additives in polymers such as LLDPE/PP, for use of plastic colouring and enhancing polymer properties ideally suited for any form of plastic extrusion.


Key Benefits of POLYCO

  • Fine blend of Polymer & Additives giving enhanced dispersion
  • Cost Effective choice for processors
  • Available in wide range of Colors
  • Metallic & Fluorescent Shades



Physical Form :

Available in Granules form making it easier for use in various applications.


Colors :

POLYCO offers a wide range of Colors from Metallic, Fluorescent, And Standard Colors and custom colors Range of Colors, with various level of opacity and Light Fastness.

  • Pearl / Fluorescent Colours
  • Lead and heavy metal free masterbatches
  • Glow in dark
  • Outdoor Colours-Light fastness 7-8
  • Metallic Colours


Polymer Enhancement :

A range of Additive Blends are available to enhance various properties of final product.

  • Gloss Enhancer
  • Optical Brightners
  • Anti Oxidants
  • UV Stabilizers
  • Anti Static
  • Semi Conductivity
  • Anti Scratch