nks - Sharing every moment of your life. It's no wonder a world without inks is unimaginable.

Today, inks are our silent companions present in our lives in some form or the other in almost everything that we do. Thanks to modern printing technology. Varieties in ink are as extensive as printing methods themselves. Broadly, these consist of lithography, Flexographic, Gravure, Screen printing etc. Developments in printing technology and processes made it necessary for printing inks to have very high quality. Fact remains, printing ink business, though apparently simplistic, is a highly complex one. Truly ar art and science in itself. Printing ink technology has evolved in tandem with the growth of printing technologies. Since 1996, Tibriwal's Inks division has been an innovator in the ink industry.

Advancing printing technology has also accelerated the creaton of high quality inks. Tibriwals ink division has matched progressing technology, stride for stride.