Screen Printing

Screen Printing method is one of the most widely used method of printing for paper, fabric, plastic etc. In Screen Printing there is a silk screen frame/roller. The ink is fed on top of the frame and a rubber blade cuts the ink across the frame. The ink passes through the silk and is transfered on the substrate.


  • Versatile application
  • Attractive color shades
  • Excellent print finish
  • High print density
  • Excellent adhesion properties
  • Good Gloss/Matt
Grades of Screen Printing Inks


Single Pack screen prinitng inks suitable for treated and un treated Polyproplyene substrates. These Inks have execllent adhesion on PP and acid and alkaline resistance.

Screen 2K
Two Packs Inks for achieving excellent adhesion on HDPE substrate, with excellent solvent and heat resistance.

General purpose screent printing on vairety of substrates such as paper, PVC, treated Poly etc.

Colours Available
Wide range of colours available including mettalic and pearl shades with intermixing possiblities between each grades.

Customized Colours.